AIP:  Amelia Island Plantation

FC:  False Crawl or abandoned nesting attempt, the turtle crawls out of the water but does not nest

Initial with Number:  Name of nest, permitted volunteers initials with the number of nests they have verified

Insitu:  Clutch of eggs left in place and not relocated

Relocated:  Clutch of eggs removed from original nest site and placed in a man-made nest

SRA:  State Recreation Area, south end of island managed by Talbot Island State Park

Excavation Terminology:

Nest:  Name of nest

Date Emerge:  Date of first emergence

Live in Nest:  Number of live hatchlings found in nest

Dead in Nest:  Number of dead hatchlings found in nest

Live Pipped:  Number of live hatchlings found in an egg that is pipped, or broken open

Dead Pipped:  Number of dead hatchlings found in egg that is pipped, or broken open

Unhatched:  Number of unhatched eggs remaining in nest

Shards:  Number of empty eggs shells

Live Emerge:  Number of live hatchlings calculated to have left the nest on their own

Nest inventories or excavations will continue until the last nest has emerged. Click here for nest success data..

Want to know how many nests we have and who found them? For a list of our crawl and nest activity click here.

As instructed by FWC, we will NOT be giving out the dates of dates until the excavation is scheduled.